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Best SNES Retro Games to Play Today

Today, retro games are just like a breath of fresh air for modern video gamers tired of clichéd titles and other products of the excessively commercialized gaming industry. Now that VR titles and online MMORPGs are dominating the gaming landscape, more and more people start looking for classic titles once released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Those games were imbued with the spirit of primordial fun. They were genuine, unique, captivating, and mega addictive.  Maybe, this is the reason why modern retro gamers scour the Internet in search of nice ROMs. ROM games enable users to play favorite SNES and other classic games on modern computers and smartphones without the need for a physical vintage console.

Today’s article is paying tribute to the best classic games that came out on the legendary SNES. Check out some of the most popular games that now can be downloaded in the form of Super Nintendo ROMs and played on any modern device using a dedicated emulator.  


Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City

Right away, you may be thinking, “What?” Yes, this is actually a pretty good game, an exploration-based platformer starring Michael Jordan and his super-powered balls. There are five gigantic stages where you can find keys, unlock new areas, rescue kidnapped players, and dunk on enemies. The premise is pretty ridiculous, but believe it or not, this is a pretty well made game. So, if you’re into platformers that make you explore a little bit, you should check this one out.

Boxing Legends of the Ring

Boxing Legends of the Ring is a game you usually see like three or four copies for every time you go to a used game store. But this is actually one of the better 16-bit boxing games out there. Now it’s not as good as Super Punch-Out, but it holds its own by implementing classic boxing strategy elements as well as a fantastic visual style. You also get to fight as guys like Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. Of course, not everyone’s into boxing, but even if you’re not, this game still has its strengths. 

Addams Family Values

Addams Family Values is a top-down adventure game, where you play as Uncle Fester trying to rescue baby Pubert. In addition to the adventure style combat, there are some RPG elements like the ability to upgrade your attack, equipment, and your life bar. Sadly, there’s no battery save here, only passwords. Nevertheless, this won’t preclude you from getting tons of fantastic emotions and relieving nostalgic moments.

Hyper Zone

Hyper Zone is a fast-paced mode-7 rail shooter that came out early in the SNES lifespan and has managed to win the admiration of thousands of Nintendo fans. Some people may be turned off by the visual tier, which can be downright ugly at times. That being said, this is still a perfectly captivating dynamic shooter that can be really challenging. There is not much to the gameplay, of course, but sometimes it’s just fun to sit down and make stuff go boom.

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball

According to a vast majority of retro gamers who know a great game when they see it, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball is by far the best classic baseball game on the SNES and one of the best port titles ever made. Even if you’re not a big fan of baseball games, you’ll still have a good time playing this immortal gem with your emulator.

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

You can probably pick any of the three Super Star Wars games on the SNES, but avid connoisseurs of SNES titles have the most fun with The Empire Strikes Back. One thing you want to know before you download this game’s ROM is that this title is one of the infamously difficult games on the Super Nintendo. The enemy patterns can be hard to grasp, the respawning is insane, and some of the boss fights are awkward, but this in no way should put you off helping outstanding heroes with their noble missions.

Tiny Toon Adventure: Buster Busts Loose

Tiny Toon Adventure: Buster Busts Loose is a fun side-scrolling game made by Konami featuring all sorts of bonus games. Though this game has a kind of childlike vibe to it, it’s definitely a worthwhile playthrough and a well-made classic title.


SimCity may be seen as a pretty limited game these days, but sometimes it’s still nice and relaxing to sit back and build magnificent megalopolises while a tranquil soundtrack washes over you. SimCity is a very easy pick for this list, since it’s always been super popular with SNES players. Today, you can also try and build an eye-catching city and unlock special buildings that will bring you millions in profits. Just grab the right ROM and knock yourself out!


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