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New Valorant Agent: Everything We Know About Skye

As players gear up for the Valorant Act 3, Riot Games has announced a new Valorant agent. It will be the thirteenth agent to be added to the popular tactical shooter. The new agent is set to be Skye, a versatile Australian character who can manage anything from scouting to attack and backup.

The addition comes a couple of months after Riot released Killjoy as the twelfth Valorant agent. While Killjoy was a tech expert, Skye will command beasts in the game as part of her abilities. Here is the official reveal trailer of Skye by Riot Games.

What to expect from the new Valorant agent?

Skye is set to be a character with a wide range of skill-sets. She can heal teammates as a supporting character, or damage enemies from afar. Her abilities also enable her to make the enemies nearsighted, leaving opponents briefly vulnerable. This wide range of possibilities with the Australian character makes her an interesting character to keep an eye on.

Riot Games hasn’t revealed a list of abilities for the upcoming agent. However, the trailer showcases her abilities in action. Further, the trailer proceeds to expand on the lore of Valorant. The reveal has left people anticipating the release of Skye so that they can try the character themselves. However, while Skye is being added to the game in the same manner as Killjoy, the same can’t be said about their timelines.

Killjoy was announced on August 2nd, before being added to the game on August 4th. However, Skye is set to join the game on October 27th, over two weeks from the announcement. The upcoming update scheduled for October 13 aims to introduce the Act 3 in Valorant. Hence, players will have to wait before they can use Skye in the game.


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