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Minecraft Live Updates: New Additions Under Works

While Minecraft was launched over a decade ago, the game saw a sudden renaissance in recent times. This resurgence has brought a fresh hype to Minecon, Minecraft’s annual fan convention. With the convention being held digitally this year, here are the latest Minecraft Live updates.

The Minecraft Live 2020 started on October 3rd at 9 AM PT (4 PM UTC) on the official Minecraft Live event page. It was held to celebrate the fandoms of Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth. Further, fans were provided updates and announcements surrounding the popular game series.

All Minecraft Live updates we know about

Minecraft fans are going to receive a new update titled ‘Caves & Cliffs’. As the name suggests, this new update is going to focus on adding new terrain to the Minecraft overworld. Further, it will improve the quality and variety of cave structures in the game. The improved cave systems will address a long-running request from Minecraft players, making a big impact on the experience of exploring caves in the popular game. 

The game will also see the addition of new drops in the form of copper ore and crystal geodes. These new materials will add new crafting recipes, expanding on the gameplay that Minecraft has to offer. We will also see new creatures such as goats and axolotls in the game with the upcoming update, scheduled for the summer of 2021. 

In other updates, we see Minecraft Dungeons receive a new DLC named ‘Howling Pack’, adding new features and objectives to the game. Further, the game will now allow cross-play across PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. If these Minecraft Live updates didn’t hype you enough, there is a new Minecraft novel under works by Max Brooks. The new book, Minecraft: The Mountain, will be a direct sequel to Brook’s earlier title Minecraft: The Island. It will cover discussion around life-related topics with the background of the Minecraft World.


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