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Fortnite Season 4 Update Comes With Wolverine

Fortnite Season 4 saw a collaboration with Marvel, with iconic Marvel characters and locations making an appearance in the game. With the latest update expanding on the Nexus Wars saga of the popular battle royale game, we have a host of new characters and changes lined up. One of the latest heroes to make an appearance in the game is Wolverine from Marvel’s X-Men.

Wolverine joins a long list of Marvel heroes who have already made an appearance in the game including the Avengers, Groot, and Dr. Doom to name a few. The players can now rock the new Wolverine skin for their character. More Marvel-themed cosmetics, weapons, and locations are expected to be added soon. Here is the Fortnite season 4 reveal trailer for Wolverine.

Everything new about Fortnite season 4

With the Nexus War saga ongoing in the game, the spawn island has been replaced with the SHIELD Helicarrier. Players can roam and explore the upper decks, or take advantage of the updrafts to get a better look. When the battle bus picks up the players, they are escorted by a quin-jet on their journey to battle.

The game added character-themed weapons, known as ‘Mystic Weapons’. The weapons provide players a new way to play the game. Groot’s mystic weapon is a defensive type, covering the player in a ball of branches which can protect the player. On the other hand, Dr. Doom’s mystic weapon is an offensive one that shoots plasma on opponents, dealing damage over time.

Continuing with Dr. Doom, the game has multiple new and updated points of interest on the map. This sees the older Pleasant Park be transformed into Dr. Doom’s Domain. Other popular Marvel-themed points of interests on the map include Panther’s Prowl (Black Panther), Ant Manor (Ant-Man), Trask Industries (X-Men), and The Collection (Guardians of the Galaxy).


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