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CoD Mobile to Receive New Map and Mode With Season 11

As the one year anniversary of the popular CoD Mobile rolls around, the game’s developers have shared some of the fresh additions that the game is going to receive with the upcoming season 11 update. The confirmed upcoming features for the game involve a fresh map, new game mode and perks.

With the end of season 10, most details were kept secret by the developers. No test servers were set up for the season 11 updates, hence the community has no clues for what’s in store. When it comes to teasers and reveal trailers, we have barely received any major details. Activision released a montage covering their one year journey on mobile devices. You can watch the complete video here

What to expect from CoD Mobile season 11?

In the buildup to season 11 and CoD Mobile’s one-year anniversary, devs have released minor teasers in form of replies to fan queries. There have been hints surrounding new weapons for the game. Activision also released a render featuring the return of the Halloween Standoff map for the game.

But the biggest reveal from the developers came in the form of season 11’s roadmap which appeared in-game. The roadmap reveals key details about the plans that CoD Mobile has for season 11. The biggest addition would be the new map, labeled King. After the addition of Gulag for season 9 and Pine for season 10, King joins the list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps on the game.

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Image Courtesy: Activision

There is a brand new game mode named Cranked coming to CoD Mobile. In this game mode, you play a Team Deathmatch where get a kill within 30 seconds else you explode. Each kills gives you bonus points. Finally, the roadmap confirmed the highly anticipated Advanced UAV scorestreak. The update is scheduled to release globally on October 14th at 5 PM PST.


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