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Apex Legends Receives Fixes to Gamer-Breaking Bugs

Respawn, developers of Apex Legends, have released a new patch today on 10th September. This patch comes after a huge uproar by the Apex Legends players. The uproar rose as the game’s previous update brought massive game-breaking glitches, severely impacting the gameplay experience.

Apex Legends’ quick update was massively appreciated by the fanbase. The studio released an emergency update for the issues rather than waiting for scheduled maintenance. Here is the tweet announcing the update along with the improvements to the game.

Everything new about Apex Legends

With the latest patch, Respawn has addressed the bug that caused KnockDown Shields in the game to become ineffective. The bug in question led to players being unable to deploy their last-ditch efforts to survive while they waited to get revived.

The game received improvements to the reconnect option in the game. Another bug addressed in the patch was the disappearance of Wraith portals when placed in specific areas. Further, Respawn resolved a glitch that caused beacons to appear on the mini-map but not in-world.

Finally, the patch brought improvements to the Ring Logic system, while addressing several game logic errors. With this patch, players hope the major issues in the game that have plagued the game recently will get resolved.

In other news surrounding Apex Legends, Respawn has implied that the popular FPS will make an appearance on next-gen consoles.

Last October, Chief Executive Andrew Wilson revealed, “Apex Legends is a major long-term franchise for us, and since launch, we’ve significantly expanded the team working on the game and it continues to grow. Our pipeline of future content is packed with really fun experiences that will be delivered through upcoming seasons and a regular cadence of updates for the community.”

No one from the studio has explicitly confirmed a release on the upcoming consoles. But seems extremely likely that Apex Legends will take advantage of the superior specs.


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