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Tom Cruise Plans to Film His New Movie in Space Using SpaceX Rocket

Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot His New Movie in Space Using Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has now set his eyes upon the skies to shoot his new action movie in space. He is hoping to enter Hollywood record books by being the first actor to shoot the movie in space. He wants to shoot a movie outside the earth and has had talks with NASA and SpaceX already. The movie will be shot at the International Space Station (ISS) about 250 miles above the earth. This movie will be the first of its kind to be actually shot outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot Movie in Space
Image courtesy: David Fisher/REX

NASA on May 5 confirmed that the agency will work with Tom Cruise to shoot a film aboard the International Space Station (ISS). NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted that NASA was excited to work with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the Space Station. Elon Musk also replied excitedly, saying “Should be a lot of fun.”

Tweet of NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine & Elon Musk

Tom Cruise looks hopefully towards SpaceX for providing a rocket to shoot a movie outside the Earth. For now, this is a collaboration between Tom Cruise, SpaceX, and NASA to make the first feature film outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Details of the Movie

There are no actual details of the film but the entertainment website Deadline, which first reported the story, said that the movie is set to be an action-adventure. It added further that the movie will not be the part of Cruise’s franchise “Mission: Impossible.” Though it is not yet clear whether Tom Cruise will actually venture space or a particular footage will be filmed in space and ISS instead.

Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot Movie in Space
Image courtesy: Paramount Pictures

NASA has refused to provide further details for now but looks forward to possibly give it a try. “We will say more about the project at the appropriate time. Anything else would be premature.” The talks are still going on and no party has yet officially accepted to film the movie. If accepted, this could possibly be a leap for Tom Cruise and Hollywood to shoot movies outside Earth.


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