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Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Camera Teased, Might have Enhanced Zoom Capabilities

It is the time of the year when Samsung comes out with there flagships devices of the year. Since a few months, Samsung Galaxy S21 Series’ renders and leaks are all over the place. However, the upcoming flagship from Samsung is yet to launch. Adding to the chaos, the Korean tech giant has scheduled an event for January 14 – ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ without any details whatsoever. But, fans and experts all around the globe are expecting Samsung to launch Galaxy 21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

Samsung released a video teaser for their upcoming event

In the recent times, teasing an upcoming device has become a legitimate trend. It naturally increases excitement among the audience, and gives everyone something to talk about. Playing along the swing, Samsung released a short video teaser on January 5. Essentially, you can see a person surfing on waves, inside a cube. It might hint at some special capability that Samsung Galaxy S21 Series might have. Have a look at the banner on official website.

What could the video possible indicate?

According to me, the video stipulates a combination of videography and photography. So you might get to see a feature which extracts stunning photographs from a video. Besides, such a feature is already present in Android devices that are capable of shooting video in 8K resolution. The screenshots taken from such a video happen to be highly detailed, with a 33MP resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series had extraordinary zoom capability. With the presence of a dedicated telephoto lens, the device was able to achieve a 100x hybrid zoom. However, on highly magnified photos, there was a noticeable loss of detail. With the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series, the company would definitely love to fix it for their users. According to tipped specifications, it might have a 12MP primary & zoom sensor, coupled with a high resolution 64MP zoom lens. The telephoto lens could capture up to 10x optically zoomed pictures.


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