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Nvidia Eyes Acquisition Deal Worth $40 Billion for Arm

Based on a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nvidia might be looking at a deal to acquire ARM Holdings. ARM Holdings are the developer of the ARM processors, part of almost every mobile and tablet device in the world. Currently, ARM Holdings is owned by SoftBank, who purchased the company in 2016. 

However, SoftBank has been looking for potential buyers in recent times after struggling to help the venture grow. This search might be over, as Nvidia has expressed interest in purchasing ARM. While the news first arose back in July, the two companies are now closer than ever to agree on a deal. 

Why does Nvidia want ARM?

The deal in question is valued at around $40 billion in a cash plus stock deal. It will see SoftBank making a slight profit on the sale of ARM after its acquisition for $ 32 billion four years ago. The deal is expected to go through within the coming week, barring any unexpected hiccups.

The graphics giant has a lot to gain from this deal as well. Apart from their graphics card empire, Nvidia has also worked on products based on ARM. These chips power devices such as the Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield and others. 

With ARM expanding its domain to desktops, laptops and servers, Nvidia has an opportunity to make a statement around its domination in the tech industry. The acquisition will propel Nvidia as a contender in the race for mobile devices and tablets as well.

With the ARM deal, the Nvidia will be able to catch up to AMD and Intel with efforts to tie CPU and GPU together in complex ways. The possibilities surrounding where this can lead to are endless. The company can create custom CPU architectures, or use the technology to realize CEO Jensen Huang’s vision for the future for computing.


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