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How to Get Backlinks from High Authority Sites for SEO

In the past, rules to play by in search engine optimization for websites were often unknown. However, the rules are now known, and one factor that significantly affects a site’s ranking is backlinks.

In SEO, backlinks are links directing users from other websites to your website. Based on the SEO rules, high quality backlinks significantly raise the website’s ranking.

However, different backlinks offer varying improvements to your website’s ranking on search engines. Backlinks from high authority websites give better results than random backlinks from sketchy sites. High authority sites in SEO comprise various websites known and used by people for providing trusted and reliable information. Similar to regular backlinking, the quality of backlinks from high authority sites is more important than the number of backlinks. This ranking of websites based on popularity, and with backlinks from high authority sites has led to many questions. Business and organization marketers seek to get high page ranking backlinks from high authority sites. However, the question among them is how they will get backlinks from high authority sites to improve their SEO ranking.

1. Develop a High-Quality Website

Authoritative sites aim to link to websites that are high quality and will not offer trouble to their readers when they click the link. This should be the first factor for you to consider when aiming to get backlinks from high-authority SEO sites.

A high-quality website meets a couple of factors. One website factor you should consider is its optimization when aiming to get backlinks. Unlike in the past, when internet traffic emanated from computers only, internet traffic now comes from various device types with different screen sizes.

Your website should offer adaptivity to different screen sizes. Adapting to different screen sizes entails switching factors such as navigation and menu designs. This can be achieved by using modern web design frameworks that offer website optimization for different devices. 

Another factor that defines website quality is the loading speed. A website’s loading speed is impacted by the graphics or images used, and the host server. To get backlinks to your website, ensure you use reliable web hosts. Alongside using reliable and fast hosts, you should compress the website images to get faster loading speeds without compromising the image quality.

Other than the aforementioned factors, other factors contribute to a website’s quality. Ensure all factors are met to get a high-quality site that will get backlinks from high-authority SEO sites.

2. Quality Data Driven Content

Known to every marketer, the best way to get high PR backlinks for SEO ranking is to publish quality, data driven content. For websites, data driven content means content that is backed by facts. The content should also be relatable and relevant to the target audience.

Publishing data driven content on your website increases the number of website visitors. This, in turn, improves the visibility of the site to other people and therefore other websites that can opt to backlink to your content.

When writing articles, you should also include backlinks to other relevant sites. When including backlinks in your articles, you should keep in mind that the aim is not to make the links appear natural. The aim should be to make the links natural.

Writing data-driven content with relevant high quality backlinks will expose your content to high-authority sites. Once the sites recognize your site and approve your data driven content and its relevance, they will start adding backlinks to your site. Once you start getting high page ranking backlinks from one authoritative site, the rest will come with time.

When looking to get high PR backlinks, you should avoid the intuition to pay an authoritative site for a backlink. Trading of backlinks for SEO ranking has the capability of negatively affecting your site’s ranking and reliability as a source of reliable information.

3. Mention Bloggers in Your Content


An easy way of getting the bloggers of high authority websites to notice you is by quoting and mentioning them in your content. The bloggers you mention in your content should be relevant to the overall article topic and should not be forced. 

i. Identify the Topic

If you opt to take up this method to get high PR backlinks from high-authority SEO sites, first identify the topic you will write about. Once you have identified the topic and the points you will discuss, you now have to identify a relevant blogger.

ii. Identify the Blogger

Identifying the relevant blogger to quote or mention in your data driven content is vital to ensure the mention is relevant to the content’s context. For formality, you can opt to notify the blogger via email that you will mention or quote them in your content. If you opt to not notify the blogger that you will quote them, they will still know of the mention. This is because sites have reviewers who track traffic and mentions on other websites.

A rule to abide by when mentioning bloggers is that in a 1000-word blog post, you ought to mention a maximum of 4 bloggers. Mentioning many bloggers in one article will be classified as spamming your readers with quotations and this can negatively affect your SEO ranking.

iii. Plan the Content Structure

Once you have identified the blogger, you should now work on the content structure, factoring in the quotation from the blogger. When integrating the blogger’s quote into your article, you should mention their name and their phrase should be in quotation marks. This will help your readers to know that you are not trying to phrase the other blogger’s take as your own.

Mentioning bloggers offers significant help when trying to get noticed by high authority sites bloggers. Once you mention a blogger, they will go through your site to see your content. If they see that you have quality, data driven content, they will include high PR backlinks to your site in their content.

4. Use Good Performing Content Formats

Known to many bloggers, the website content type that you use can significantly impact the success or failure rate of content. Owing to this fact, most content published on the internet gets zero backlinks due to the content’s poor performance.

When looking to get high quality backlinks from high authority sites, you have to first ensure that your content performs well. This means that you should use good-performing content formats and structures.

The best performing data driven content on the internet includes “how-to content”, “why content”, and “how-to content”. If you have been getting poor content performance on your site, you ought to switch to such content formats.

The above-listed content formats grant awesome content performance. For a starter, focusing on such content formats gives you a good foundation for writing good and quality data driven content. Once your content starts performing well, it will be visible to the bloggers of high authority sites. 

When bloggers get a hold of your content, they can opt to include backlinks to your website in their content. 

5. Detailed Guides

For most people, the internet is their go-to when they face a challenge they do not know how to solve or work around. This is why the internet is full of posts that act as guides for different tasks, procedures, etc.

However, most of the guides posted on the internet are often written by bloggers who are relying on information from other guides. To offer quality, in-depth guides, you ought to write the guides from your knowledge and experience of the topic at hand.

As a blogger, this means that you will have to get hands-on with the various tasks that you intend to write guides on. This will help you write more relatable content that will perform well. Getting hands-on with your targeted task will also allow you to experience various challenges. The challenges are those that your readers might experience, and you will address these too. 

A well-written guide article about a common challenge that people are facing is guaranteed to offer impeccable content performance. Writing detailed guides will increase your website’s visibility to high authority sites, therefore you will get high PR backlinks.

6. Resource Pages

Many high authority sites seek resource pages to link to. This need created the need for sites and databases that offer resource links for high authority sites. These sites and databases offer an easy way to get a backlink from a high authority website.

When looking to get high quality backlinks, you should contact the various resource sites and offer your submission for use as a resource page. For this, you have to ensure that your site offers correct, informative, and well-structured information.

Once listed as a resource page, your site will get numerous high PR backlinks from various websites, both high-ranking sites, and regular sites.


SEO companies always dictate the things that websites should avoid doing when looking to get high quality backlinks. As a blogger, you should know of these to ensure you do not end up negatively affecting your site’s ranking. A common practice is participating in link schemes. SEO companies often check for this to avoid foul play for gaining a high ranking on SEO results. As a blogger, avoid such practices and stick to the above-discussed ways of getting organic high PR backlinks from high authority sites. 

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