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How Much Does a Good Laptop Cost on Average

The laptop market saw 8% growth in the third quarter of 2021 over the previous year. This is despite chip shortages and global supply chain issues.

These issues aren’t going to go away for another year, but demand for laptop computers remains high. Consumers are embracing the fact they can work from anywhere, so they’re taking their work wherever they go.

If you’re thinking about a new laptop, one of the first questions you’ll have is, “How much does a good laptop cost?”

That answer isn’t as simple as it seems. There are different types of laptops, laptop prices, and consumer needs.

There’s no need to get overwhelmed. We’re going to break down the answer so you know exactly how to find the perfect laptop for yourself at the right price.

Read on to discover how much a laptop costs and tips for buying a laptop in this guide.

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Defining a Good Laptop

What’s a good laptop? It depends. Someone who needs a laptop for basic tasks will think that a low-budget laptop is a good laptop for their needs.

At the other end of the spectrum, a gamer would consider a low-budget laptop to be useless for their needs. They need something that packs a lot of power for speed and graphics processing.

That’s why you always have to consider what you’re going to use the laptop for. If you need something for business and personal use, the laptop needs to handle basic tasks like email and internet surfing with the capabilities for multitasking.

If you have resource-heavy applications like engineering, design, or scientific applications, you might need a business computer.

Sales reps that spend a lot of time traveling will need something durable, so a business laptop with long battery life and a strong warranty program is good for them.

It’s up to you to define what a good laptop is for your needs. Look at the types of programs you use, how much power they use, and other features you need to have.

Types of Laptops and Average Prices

Let’s break down the types of laptops and their average cost. This will help you set a budget and find the type of laptop that most meets your needs.

The most basic laptop is a Chromebook. It runs on Chrome OS and is popular among students for the cost and ability to get homework done.

If you’re only doing things like word processing and internet surfing, this is a good laptop for you. Chromebooks range between $200 and $700.

There are some models that run over $1,000. For the most part, expect to see Chromebooks priced at $300 on average.

2-in-1 Laptops

The average household has 25 internet-connected devices, including laptops, phones, and smart home devices.

There are so many devices out, it’s hard to know when to use your phone, laptop, or tablet. It’s even more difficult to keep track and manage these devices.

Life can get easier with 2-in-1 laptops. These are laptops that let you turn the device into a tablet by flipping the screen or removing the keyboard.

You have the power of the laptop, a tablet with a large screen, and the convenience of a single device.

The average cost of 2-in-1 laptops ranges between $250 and $1500.


If portability is your main concern, an ultrabook should be at the top of your list. These are thin laptops that don’t weigh between two and three pounds.

Don’t think that you’re leaving out the power because you have a thin laptop. Computer manufacturers engineered these machines to be high-performing tools.

They also have a long battery life so you can unplug and take your laptop on the road. You should expect to pay between $900 and $2000 for the portability.

Business Laptops

If you need a business laptop that’s durable, consider getting a business laptop. They differ from consumer laptops because they’re built with stronger parts.

Most consumer laptops feature plastic parts. They’re less expensive to make.

On the other hand, business laptops are made with metal parts with some plastic parts. They are shock-resistant and can handle the demands of business use.

Business laptops cost more, but you get durability and support with them. Many manufacturers offer high-level support and extended warranties for business laptops.

Be prepared to spend at least $1500 on a good business laptop.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops have high-end graphics cards and performance specs to keep up with the demands of games.

Gamers can’t get a low-budget model because their games will freeze and buffer. That ruins gameplay and makes the entire experience frustrating.

Gaming laptops range between $800 and $2500.

Laptop Prices Factors

Each type of laptop has a wide range of prices. It makes you wonder what influences laptop prices. Well, let’s take a look.

We’ll start with the operating system. The common operating systems for consumer laptops are macOS, Windows, and Chrome.

macOS is a proprietary system by Apple for Mac desktop and laptop computers. Since it’s proprietary, these laptops cost more than Windows and Chrome computers.

The main consideration is the performance factors. The more RAM a laptop has the more demanding applications and multitasking it can handle.

When you buy a laptop, look at the amount of RAM it has and if it has expandable slots. That allows you to add more over time.

The processor determines how fast tasks can get completed. The latest and fastest processor costs more than one that’s been on the market for a year.

Storage impacts laptop prices as well. There are two common types of hard drives. SSD is a newer technology that is faster than HDD drives.

High-capacity SSD drives cost more than their HDD counterparts.

Other factors include battery life and other features like expansion slots and graphics cards.

When to Buy a Laptop

How do you know it’s time to buy a new laptop? A point comes when your current system fails, and you have to decide whether to replace or repair it.

The average lifespan for a laptop computer is about five years. Keep in mind that if you have a low-budget computer, the lifespan will be shorter.

That’s because low-budget laptops have limited capacity. Every time new programs and software get released, they have new features. Those features need more resources.

If your laptop doesn’t have the resources, you’ll have to upgrade it or buy a new one. In many cases, low-budget models have to be replaced in a couple of years.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s worth it to purchase a laptop that balances performance with affordability.

For mid and high-range laptops, you can get away with upgrading the RAM as long as your laptop has expansion slots. You’ll be able to get another year or so out of the laptop before you have to replace it.

How to Save Money on a New Laptop

You might want to time your laptop purchase to maximize savings. That’s not a bad strategy, so you need to know when the best time is to buy a new laptop.

For those who need to plan and save for a laptop, Black Friday and Cyber Monday always have great deals from retailers and manufacturers.

Keep in mind that you’re getting clearance items. They’ll be less expensive than a brand new model, but they might not have the longevity you need.

If you want the newest model on the market, buy a laptop in late summer or early fall. Manufacturers release them for back-to-school sales. They also want to catch the early holiday shoppers.

You can also find great laptop deals by knowing where to look. Lenovo, Samsung, and other manufacturers run deals often.

You can find Lenovo’s deals on their site. Other manufacturers have laptop deals on their respective sites as well.

Retailers often have laptop sales around long weekends and holidays. Sign up for their email lists so you know when the best deals are out.

How Much Does a Good Laptop Cost?

How much does a good laptop cost? It depends on how you define what a good laptop is. There are many types of laptops on the market.

Know what your laptop needs are and you’ll be able to figure out the type of laptop that works for you. Keep in mind that you want a laptop that’s affordable and keeps up with your needs over time.

To strike that balance, expect to pay between $500 and $1500 for a good laptop. Do you want more mobile technology news? Head over to the home page of this site for the latest.

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