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Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50: Free the Wire (Buyer’s Guide)

Looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds on a tight budget? Believe it or not, there are plenty of Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds you can find under $50 that sound like they’re way more expensive.

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The world’s switched over to wireless. Since the removal of the headphone jack became a trend, the market for wireless earphones have touched the sky. It’s only getting better and we look forward to the same trend to continue. Looking a few years back from now, it would’ve been hard to find decent quality wireless earbuds in this sensitive price segment under $50. Thanks to technological advancements, good options are getting cheaper and perform a lot better, and longer than their predecessors. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are no longer holding back their audio finesse and you can find some excellent value for money wireless earbuds under $50 only.

Why Wireless Earbuds Have Gained Popularity

With smartphones missing 3.5mm audio jacks or in-box earphones, most people go for buying earphones separately. In our consumer survey, we found that people are more likely to invest in wireless earphones than wired earphones or even headphones. Earphones are lightweight, handy, easier to carry, less expensive, and often get the job done for most people.

For most people, spending your hard-earned cash on wireless earphones today is a much better option. That brings us here, to our list of the best wireless earbuds under $50. Our aim is offering discerning, budget-conscious, and value for money options which will be viable for most people trusting the wireless trend. Here’s our curated list of the best wireless bluetooth earbuds under $50 price tag. These are heavily tested by our staff and our detailed reviews will help you choose the right options for you. Let’s get started.

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Buying Guide for Purchasing Wireless Earbuds Under $50

Consider this buying guide as friendly advice. We aim to provide all the information about decisions you may have to make when looking out and shopping for affordable wireless earbuds or neckband style earbuds.


In this article, we have discussed various options when it comes to budget wireless earbuds under $50. You might have noticed already that you can find pretty much anything for any budget. However, as a general notion, the more you pay, the more features you tend to get in your Bluetooth earbuds.

Design, Quality and Durability

While buying affordable wireless earbuds, you need to understand what your needs are. Some people can prefer flat cables over rounder ones as the former kind do not harshly rub against the skin, are are easier to untangle. Some choose to buy magnetic earbuds in place of over-the-ear hooks. Established brands are known to generally use better quality materials for making their products.

Size and Comfort

Generally, all wireless earbuds are of the same size/come in a single size. However, many neckbands out there allow you to adjust the length of the cable that comes in handy for something like working out or running. Then, there is a question of the earbud fitting in your ear perfectly. To provide a good form-fitting experience, every wireless headset comes with a variety of ear tips in the box. Some only give soft in-ear silicone tips, while others also pack different sizes of hooks and wings for more control during workouts.

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Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most important factor to look for while buying any wireless audio device. Features like Active Noise Cancellation and Qualcomm AptX, offer the best music experience to users. And don’t worry, you can find Bluetooth earbuds that sound fantastic at every price point.

However, a brand that has been in this business for decades can always be trusted more for their experience. Some earbud manufacturers have a dedicated team of sound engineers who work tirelessly to provide a premium product. Make sure you check the brand and company’s background before making a purchase.


All the wireless earbuds mentioned here have different Bluetooth versions. While Bluetooth 4.2 earbuds are cheaper due to older tech, its best to look into option with Bluetooth version 5. These newer Bluetooth 5 wireless earbuds not only provide better connectivity, but lesser distortions, lower battery usage, and a broader coverage area than its predecessors.


All wireless earbuds work on a similar range of frequency, between 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Anything narrower should not be acceptable as it will affect the sound quality negatively. Make sure, to check the specifications of the earbuds carefully.


It is important to know whether your wireless earphones will provide control options or not. Intuitive controls are a rage at the moment, but some of you may prefer buttons. The position oftthese controls also matter. Some wireless earbuds provide them on the right earpiece while others integrate on the battery module. Personal preferences mostly dictate all these choices, but this factor can make or break the mic pickup as well. Consider an option that suits you the most.

Noise Cancellation

Cheap wireless neckbands mainly provide 2 types of noise-limiting technologies. Some claim to be only Noise-Isolating, while others claim of Noise Cancellation. Well, which is better? Technically speaking, wireless earbuds with noise cancellation are way better than noise isolation. In case you are specifically looking for great noise cancellation, prefer extending your budget a little and checkout Our Recommendations for the Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones.

How’s that happening? Noise-Canceling is the electronic way of neutralizing external noise and it uses the chipset in your wireless earbuds. On the contrary, Noise Isolation is done by sealing off the ear canal with the help of rubberised ear tips of different sizes. 


It’s important to know about the types of accessories you will be getting when you get your Bluetooth earbuds. You should prefer picking wireless buds that come alongside a traveling case. It’s far better to store them in a case cover than throwing them in your bag or pocket.

When it comes to ear tips, try to select Bluetooth earbuds that come with several sizes of eartips as options, along with hooks or wing extensions which can be important if you plan to use these actively. Make sure you can also get a charging cable, unless the earbuds are USB Type-C powered.

Extra Features

While you are spending money, you should take it upon yourself to get the most out of your spending. Over the years, the waterproofing costs have come down. So, if you get splash-proof and sweat-resistant options for a couple of extra dollars outside your budget, then spend that extra money. If you are looking for something that costs between $40 and $50, try to purchase digital assistant supported wireless earbuds, that support Google Now and Siri.

Our Picks for the Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

1. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 (Editor’s Choice)

Design: In-ear truly wireless | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 8 hours, 30 hours with case | Waterproof: Yes, IPX8

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 is our Editor’s Choice for being the best wireless earbuds
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

The SoundLiberty 79 truly wireless earbuds by TaoTronics make our top pick under $50 because they belie their price in every possible way. These earbuds are relatively cheap and still have an elegant design, convenient touch controls, a comfy fit, and a respectable audio performance, even during calls. Thanks to Bluetooth 5, the buds can connect reliably with just about any smartphone. Having an IPX8 rating, the SoundLiberty 79 wireless earbuds are ideal for exercising or using at the gym.

You can order them in 2 colors – matte black with eye-catching silver or glossy black accents. You can also expect up to 8 hours of battery life between charges from these. Their battery case packs inside almost 3 full charges for a total of 30 hours’ worth of sound. We also like that the bundled accessories and it has a futureproof USB-C connector for charging. These are our go-to choice by being the best wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed under $50.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Compact and modern looking design
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Amazing call quality for wireless earbuds


  • No AptX Support
  • No wireless charging

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2. Soundcore Spirit X (Best Neckband Style Earbuds)

Design: In-ear neckband | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 18 hours(total), 3 hours in 10 minutes of charging | Waterproof: Yes, IP68

Soundcore Spirit X is our recommendation for the best neckband earbuds
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

The Soundcore Spirit X is perhaps the most all rounded wireless earbuds you can buy for under 50 dollars. These wireless sports earbuds come with some serious tech. With an IP68 rating and their in-house SweatGuard insulation, the Soundcore Spirit X is protected against effects of sweat, water, and other liquids. Coming to sound, the 10mm drivers inside them provide thumping bass, balanced with harmonious mids and ambient treble. Simply put, these earbuds deliver crisp and clear audio streaming without any disturbances. Using the various soft silicone tips and wings can get stereo quality sound with ease. The over-the-ear hook design of these wireless earbuds enables you to push them to their limit.

With a full charge, you can enjoy your favorite audio for 18 hours! If you are in a rush, just charge it for 10 minutes to get 3 hours of playtime. In any pair of budget earphones, you are expected to make some sacrifices but these Anker earphones are about as well rounded as anything can possibly be. The design may be putting off to non-athletes, but that’s all a matter of preference and they are nonetheless extremely comfortable, even over extended periods. If that’s not enough, various little things make these wireless earphones truly special. Their adjustable cable rests comfortably behind your head and the zip-up travel pouch makes it easy for you to carry them around. In short, consider Soundcore Spirit X as the best wireless earbuds under $50 that come in a neckband form factor.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comes with a pouch
  • Great battery life with fast charge support
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Rather cheap at under $30


  • Micro USB Charging

3. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Earbuds

Design: In-ear | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 15 hours | Waterproof: No

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Earbuds
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

It’s easy to trust something that has a Sony branding on it. The extra amount you pay for Sony’s WI-XB400 wireless earbuds is not a lot compared to the additional features you get with it. With a single 3-hour charge, you can get a playtime of up to 15 hours. Plus, a 10-minute speed charge with the provided Type-C cable can let you enjoy 60 minutes of playtime. With EXTRA BASS™ technology, the beats have greater oomph while the vocals are clear with luscious mids and well-maintained treble.

Stay on top of everything with built-in support for Google Assistant and Siri. Simply pressing a button lets you ask for directions, or call your friends without touching your smartphone. The built-in microphone keeps the conversation flowing no matter where you are. When you are done using your earbuds, wear them on your neck by simply sticking them together magnetically. Going on a trip? Pack your Sony headphones in their travel case to enjoy HD-quality audio on your journey.


  • Powerful performance
  • 15-hour long battery life
  • Type-C port is a boon
  • Magnetic earbuds


  • Magnets on the buds are not very strong.
  • Require some burn-in to sound better

4. 1MORE Spearhead VR Bluetooth Earbuds

Design: In-ear neckband | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 4.2 | Battery life: 6 hours(total), 3 hours in 10 minutes of charging | Waterproof: Yes, IPX5

1MORE Spearhead VR are great for gaming and spatial audio
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Maybe you are among those who forget charging their electronic devices. Then, you should check out 1MORE’s Spearhead VR Wireless Earbuds that come with fast charging. Just a 10 minutes charge can entertain you for up to 3 hours! That’s half the total 6-hour playtime. You will be wondering if their sound quality is good enough. The 1More Spearhead VR is constructed such that you will be able to hear every audio detail inside a Virtual Reality Game. Even in the real world, they provide surround sound and you can use these to enjoy your favorite music in studio like quality.

The microphones inside of them are balanced with Environmental Noise Cancellation tech for clear communication and calls. With an optimized Bluetooth 4.2 chipset, you stay connected to your device if its within a range of 35ft. For travelers and so, there is a pouch inside the box to carry your Spearhead VR BT Earbuds whenever you go out. Lastly, it also comes with LED lighting. All these make it an attractive set of wireless earbuds under $50, especially for gamers.


  • Fast charging fuels up 3 hours of listening time in 10 minutes of charge
  • Surround spatial sound is immersive
  • LED lighting might attract a lot of people
  • Environmental noise cancellation somewhat effective


  • Battery life in full charge is just 6 hours
  • No way to play the previous track

5. Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

Design: In-ear truly wireless | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 3.5 hours, 9 extra hours with case | Waterproof: Yes, IPX7

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Truly Wireless Earbuds
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Soundcore is a brand by Anker, which specializes in good quality audio gear at a cheap price. The Soundcore Liberty Neo provides a strong bass response in true wireless design. The earbuds have clear quality sound with a slight emphasis to bass. They have unique graphene drivers designed to give more power. Their IPX7 water protection makes them fully waterproof, allowing you to wear them in rainy and sweaty weather conditions. Moreover, Soundcore’s proprietary technology Grip Fit for comfy fit is quite commendable. It creates a solid seal inside the ear when you insert and twist the earbuds. It even keeps them secure for working out.

Their battery life is okay, with 5 hours from the earbuds and 3 extra charges from the case. The BassUp technology is proprietary to Soundcore, supposedly providing over 40% more bass. So, their deeper bass makes popular music more fun, but unnaturally colors it sometimes. For deep bass in wireless headphones, check out the Beats PowerBeats Pro. The clever graphene drivers of the Soundcore Liberty Neo provide power and bass in a lightweight package. All comes under $50, making it a compelling set of truly wireless earbuds to get.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact case
  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Cost friendly


  • Micro USB port for charging
  • Battery life could’ve been better

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6. Skullcandy Sesh

Design: In-ear truly wireless | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 3 hours, 10 hours with case | Waterproof: Yes, IP55

Skullcandy Sesh Earbuds are Under $50
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Skullcandy’s lightest truly wireless earbuds offer good levels of audio clarity and portability at a fairly reasonable price tag, with a bass boost that Skullcandy fans tend to love. The Sesh earbuds offer truly wireless earbuds with a lightweight design. They’re very comfortable and easy to use. You have the option to change the volume and track on these earbuds with their simple built-in buttons. Their IP55 rating makes them sweat-resistant, so you can wear them to the gym or for running. They can get really loud, so much that it’s unhealthy for ears. For a simple design and enjoyable, powerful, punchy bass, the Skullcandy Sesh is worth considering.

But with under $50 price, these wireless earbuds had to cut some corners. Their battery life is the biggest potential let down. 3 hours is a shorter battery than most alternatives, though the charging case increases it to 10 hours altogether. Finally, the cheap earbuds from Skullcandy have boosted bass audio quality and plenty of volume. Skullcandy recently also introduced the Sesh Evo. That upgraded model features longer battery life, Tile integration, and USB-C charging for $60, and lowered the price of the original Sesh to around $30. You can check both of them down below in the links given to suit your needs.


  • Rich sounding with a wide soundstage
  • Priced around $30 in recent sales
  • Loud enough for every environment
  • Easy to use controls and comfortable fit


  • Battery life could’ve been better
  • Micro USB for charging
  • Occasional connectivity issues

7. TaoTronics TT-BH042 Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Design: In-ear neckband | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 16 hours(ANC Off), 8 hours(ANC On) | Waterproof: Yes, IPX5

TaoTronics TT-BH042 Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Priced under $50, these TaoTronics TT-BH042 cheap earbuds are a marvel: comfortable as anything can be, water-resistant, delivering superb audio with active noise canceling. These earbuds provide up to 8 hours of wireless audio playback with noise-canceling switched on, but disabling this feature will double their battery life. Active noise cancelation is on by default, but it can be toggled off by tapping the middle control button twice. Even if battery life isn’t a major concern, the toggle feature is great for hearing your surroundings without having to take them out of your ears.

Our absolute favorite part about these wireless Bluetooth earbuds is how well the noise canceling works and how good the audio sounds for their cost. They tick all boxes – are reliable, convenient to carry, comfortable to wear, they provide excellent sound quality, and they won’t empty your wallet. This makes them the best wireless earbuds under $50 that feature noise cancellation, and that works great!


  • Active Noise Cancellation at this price point is nuts
  • Great battery life
  • Magnetic Design
  • Great sound quality with emphasis on the low end


  • Magnetic on-off control would’ve been great
  • Sometimes connection drops are faced

8. JLab Audio Go Air

Design: In-ear truly wireless | Weight: N/A | Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery life: 5 hours, 20+ hours(total) with case | Waterproof: Yes, IP44

JLab Audio Go Air
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

JLab struck markets by launching its cheap true wireless earbuds that cost just $30 and include premium features like IP44 dust- and water-resistance. This can be of a lot of use to athletes of all sorts as they can use these truly wireless earbuds without worrying about such factors. Battery life is about average for truly wireless earbuds, clocking in at five hours on a single charge; the case integrates a USB cable so you can charge it or the buds from anywhere. Plus, the case also affords an additional three charge cycles, which is great given its compact size. These Bluetooth earbuds use JLab’s new Dual Connect technology, which creates an independent connection to each earbud from your smartphone.

This provides for improved connection stability compared to the older JLab models. Controlling playback and answering calls can be simply done by using either of the touch panels on the buds accordingly. These are especially inexpensive for truly wireless earbuds while providing sound reliably to your taste. For our panelists, these earbuds stayed in place quite securely, but we wouldn’t recommend using them for high-intensity workouts. If you listen to podcasts a lot, you might love these earbuds. For music though, they are great but don’t believe the 3 EQ preset moniker, as that is just a mild low-end difference which we found pretty insignificant.


  • Quite inexpensive but not a compromise on anything
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Best charging implementation with preattached USB cable


  • Not great for working out as fit may not be perfect for everyone

We at AndroidFist want to bring out the best products to our viewers, and we strongly feel the aforementioned products deliver the experience most of us would want.


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