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Best Headphones Under 2000 rupees in India: All Hail Audiophiles

Music and Audio industry has bloomed quite a lot over time and we have seen a lot of changes happening around. Prices of tech have drastically decreased and the consumers have benefitted from it immensely. If you were one of those, looking for good headphones under 2000 rupees, you’re at the right place. This price range is what most people are willing to spend for decent audio quality according to our consumer survey, and here we are on popular demand. We line up the choices for you, presenting you with our newest buying guide – The Best Headphones you can buy under 2000 rupees in India.

Headphones under 2000
Choosing headphones can be tough sometimes, but choosing the right pair is important. It can make or break your long-term experience.

What Should You Set Your Expectations to

Sound Quality:

Where headphones take a leap over earphones, is low end, or Bass. Having much larger speakers and much larger room to play around with, headphones offer much better low ends than almost any earphones at this price range. Along with that though, you will see most of them suffering from chopped off mids and high. Well, you can’t expect them to perform as good as much expensive ANC options, right? That being said, the sound quality is quite apt for most people, and use cases.

Form Factor:

Mostly everything in this price range that is overall a good product, will be wired. Wireless tech in budget headphones is trickling down slowly, but it’s not that mature yet. We do try to incorporate wireless options though for those who must need that. For the best experience, the 5K+ price bracket is the one to look into.

Build Quality:

Most headphones in the 2000 rupees price segment have a plastic built. While they won’t feel trashy or like you bought em off a street, they might not be extremely durable too. There are a few stylish models out there but you’re most likely to find plasticky models more so.

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Our Picks for the Best Headphones Under 2000 Rupees

Here is our curated list of headphones under 2000 rupees that should be one of the best buys if you are in India. Note that this is also applicable to other countries if you are looking around the $30 price tag. In no particular order, here we go!

1. Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones

Design: On-Ear | Cable length: NA | Weight: 150 grams | Connection: Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm jack | Frequency response: 20-40,000Hz | Sensitivity: NA | Drivers: NA | Impedance: 32 Ω | Wireless range: 10m | Battery life: up to 20 hours

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones is one of the wireless options you can find in this price segment of under 2000 rupees. It is overall a good product and comes with wireless connectivity at just Rs 1,799. Coming to the music quality though, it provides a clear and rich sound along with punchy bass even at high volume, which highly impressed us. It also provides a good battery life so if you are looking for a headphone which you can go around without needing to charge soon, you can go for them.

Mi Super Bass Headphones
Image Courtesy: Geekyranjit

One more great thing about the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones is the option of using it wired with a 3.5mm cable. This can be a boon when you don’t have a charger lying around. One more great thing is the loudness, which allows you to fine tune the sound of these if you want to, with the help of an equalizer. The sound doesn’t distort and with slight playing around, you can suit it to your taste.


  • Can be used Wired with a 3.5 mm audio cable
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 allows for great range and connectivity


  • Plasticky build, looks brittle
  • Integrated microphone not great

2. Sony MDR-XB450

Design: On-Ear | Cable length: 1.2 metres | Weight: 165 grams | Connection: 3.5mm jack | Frequency response: 5-22,000Hz | Sensitivity: 102 dB | Drivers: Dynamic (30 mm neodymium magnet) | Impedance: 24 Ω | Wireless range: N/A | Battery life: N/A

You might have already noticed a lot of people around you wearing these headsets. Well, it’s due to their sheer performance! If you love bass, the Sony MDR-XB450 headphones could be the perfect on-ear option for you under Rs 2000. They are powered by sizeable 30 mm drivers and produce bass levels that are unmatched in this price range. Now you may be wondering if these overemphasize the low end? Well, no.

Sony MDR-XB450AP Headphones offer great sound under 2000 rupees
Image Courtesy: Sony India

Although the Sony XB450 is a part of their Xtra Bass series, primarily focussing on bass, their output in the mids and highs segment of the sound spectrum is great as well. The XB450’s have well-cushioned ear pads which are comfortable to wear if you can take the weight! Yes, they are a little heavier than you may like but you can try them before buying at retailers for the best experience. The weight is also due to the metal casing that adds to the looks. Overall, they deliver a punch if you are looking well under 2000 rupees. The only disappointment is the lack of a microphone and controls, which are only available in the XB450AP, costing well over 2,400. You can check both of these out in the links below.


  • Flat wire
  • Great overall sound with punchy bass
  • Metallic earcups


  • Don’t feel as durable

3. boAt Rockerz 400

Design: On-Ear | Cable length: N/A | Weight: 110 grams | Connection: Bluetooth 4.1, 3.5mm jack | Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz | Drivers: Dynamic (40 mm) | Impedance: 32Ω | Sensitivity: 108 dB | Wireless range: 10m | Battery life: upto 8 hours

The boAt Rockerz 400 is another popular wireless option which can be seen around. boAt is gaining popularity in India and is getting steadily popular amongst youngsters for their reasonable pricing and good sound quality. The boAt Rockerz are extremely lightweight but isn’t particularly comfortable for everyone. They are also foldable and easy to carry around, but as expected, they have a plastic build.

boAt Rockerz 400 Headphones
Image Courtesy: Amazon

The boAt Rockerz 400 also sound great and emphasize bass without losing the other tones. The call quality also runs fine for most situations. One great thing about them is that they can be used wired even if the charge runs out and that’s something a lot of people would be interested in. They are one of the most well-priced headsets in our list, especially considering their wireless nature. You can pick them up for around 1,499 in multiple colours.


  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Can be used Wired too.


  • Average battery life
  • Might feel tight to some people, even after adjustment.

4. Sennheiser HD206

Design: Over-Ear | Cable length: 3 metres | Weight: 215 grams | Connection: 3.5mm jack | Frequency response: 21-18,000Hz | Sensitivity: 108 dB | Drivers: N/A | Impedance: 24 Ω | Wireless range: N/A | Battery life: N/A

Yes, we know WE KNOW, they don’t look the best. The HD206 headphones may look a few years older as per modern standards, but they still provide great audio experience, costing you around 1,400 rupees in India. It is for budget-mindful music enthusiasts and features dominant sound replication and excellent comfort. another plus is a 3-metre long wire, which is excellent. They even block the ambient noise quite well and will suit you well if you stay in crowded environments a lot.

Sennheiser HD206
Image Courtesy: Amazon

The Sound quality is top-notch, and you will hear crystal clear highs and heavy lows irrespective of the kind of music you throw at them. If you are looking for an eyecatching design or colour choices, you will miss those if you plan to buy these. They come with a 2-year brand warranty from Sennheiser but only come in black colour. They can be bought off Amazon and you can check out our link below to have a look!


  • Great Sound Quality
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable, large ear cups


  • Look ancient

5. Skullcandy Riff

Design: On-Ear | Cable length: 1.2 metres | Weight: 159 grams | Connection: 3.5mm jack | Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz | Sensitivity: 98 dB | Drivers: Dynamic (40 mm) | Impedance: 32 Ω | Wireless range: N/A | Battery life: N/A

The Skullcandy Riff’s can be called as the Bare Minimal headphones. Why? These wired headphones offer decent sound, good and super comfortable earpads and, absolutely nothing else! The build quality on these is significantly lower than Skullcandy’s more expensive models but they exchange that for superior comfort from the ear pads. You may want to note that these have No Padding whatsoever on the neckband, so that might not be great for your personal experience but the ear cushions make it up for us.

Skullcandy Riff Wired Headphones
Image Courtesy: Skullcandy

The sound signature of these headphones is quite decently warm though. They do offer great separation and details, which we weren’t expecting to be honest. It carries Skullcandy’s philosophy of not being “accurate” or “flat”, but having little boosts in between that really convey the character of the music well. You might really like them if you can handle some extra bass and sparkle and nothing about them screams BAD. They are also available in quite a few colour options but we’ll link the ones we liked the most down below. They are available around 1,800-1,900 rupees online.


  • Comfortable, cushiony cups
  • Sound is bright and enjoyable
  • One of the best looking budget headphones out there


  • No headband cushioning
  • Build quality seems barebones


Design: On-Ear | Cable length: N/A | Weight: 141 grams | Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 | Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz | Drivers: Dynamic (32 mm) | Sensitivity: N/A | Impedance: 32Ω | Wireless range: 10m | Battery life: upto 11 hours

Why we had to include these at the end as a special mention, is due to their price fluctuation. The JBL T460BT are usually found around the 2,500 rupees price mark on most sites but a lot of times, they can be found for as low as 1,900-2,200 rupees in discounts. This makes these Wireless headphones a very compelling option to buy considering their feature set. The JBL T460BT has all the features users look for in headphones. They have a punchy sound, are made lightweight, can be folded and are easy to carry. They even look quite good in our opinion and come with all the bells and whistles you expect from good quality headphones.

Image Courtesy: LtOnlineStore

The JBL T460BT offer top-notch music experience which is at par or above most of the headphones in its price, but its 11-hour battery life steals the show. It even has decently placed audio and call controls, and the mic works as advertised. They are even built quite well and don’t feel cheap even after being made completely out of plastic. JBL definitely lives up to its name with these pair of headsets. Lastly, it is available in 3 colours which is just great if you don’t just want the standard black colour which most brands offer as the only choice. If you can wait for the right deal or stretch your budget a little, we recommend getting these over any of the other pairs for most people. Check out the links below for the lowest prices and fastest delivery.


  • The best all-rounder in our list
  • Great sound quality
  • Good build quality and finish


  • Can feel a little tight initially
  • Price fluctuation


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